Looking for a DisplayPort to DVI adapter?

Looking for the best way to connect your HDMI-equipped monitor or HDTV to a display port-compatible computer? Well, look no further than our DisplayPort to DVI adapter! Once you purchase one of these clever devices, plug it into both ends and watch as it connects your screen with ease. Why spend exorbitant amounts on cables when in reality all that’s needed is an inexpensive adapter?

Our DisplayPort to HDMI converter links a computer, desktop, laptop, or another DisplayPort-equipped device to a monitor, projector, HDTV, or another HDMI-equipped device. To give a corporate presentation with your laptop and projector, tuck this lightweight device into your bag or pocket, or expand your desktop screen to a monitor or TV.

The DisplayPort signal is converted to HDMI by a built-in sophisticated IC chip; it is not a bi-directional converter and cannot transfer signals from HDMI to DisplayPort.The latches on the DisplayPort connector offer a secure connection, and the latches will enhance connection stability in use. Please push the release button while plugging out, and it is simple to take out.

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