Display Port Cables are a type of cable that uses the same technology as HDMI cables.  They are often used for connecting computers to TV screens and monitors.

DisplayPort is a technology that was introduced in the beginning of 2008 and now it’s widely available on many new TVs, laptops, Blu-Ray players and other devices. This particular interface uses a mini-Display Port plug much like an HDMI or DVI plug.

To put it simply – The signal travels through the cable from one end to another. If this is all a bit confusing here’s an example… You want to watch some TV but your friend only has a laptop with a mini-Display Port so you connect the two together and then using the mini-Display Port cable you connect it to the TV.  When you turn on your laptop, the signal travels from your laptop through the cable to the TV screen and then you can watch whatever it is that’s on your laptop.

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