SATA is short for Serial ATA. It’s a type of hard drive interface that transfers data on a parallel bus and has an average throughput of around 150MBps. SATA was the preferred hard drive interface for desktops and laptops until Serial ATA II (SATAII) became available in 2009. SATAII was a marked improvement over the original SATA standard with its ability to transfer data at 300MBps, as well as featured more efficient cabling

the time has come to upgrade your computer’s connection! pick up some SATA cables from here today for lightning-fast data transfer speeds. all orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase. no more tearing open a box and sitting around waiting for it to be sent–these cables are shipped as soon as the order is placed! all you need now is a hot cup of joe, and voila: you’re either confident in your decision or kicking yourself later on down the road. what’ll it be?

On a mission to help you keep your technology up and running? Discover the convenience of shopping for all of your necessary cables in one place. We’ve got what you’re after! From USB cards, monitor cords, printer ports, SATA cables to HDMI connectors – if it has wires or plugs into something else- we can get ’em’.

You deserve to be able to get what you want, when you want it, and at your convenience. TechVision is committed to serving hardworking consumers like you with unbeatable prices, quality materials, and uncompromising customer service. With the so many HDMI cables available on the market today we know that not all of them are manufactured with your satisfaction in mind. That’s why we go out of our way to offer nothing but 100% premium cables that provide an ultra-fast response time while delivering rich sound effects and vivid video display complete with full 1080p High Definition resolution without any compromise whatsoever!

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