Looking for high-quality patch panels?

These wall mount patch panels offer the vital interface between multiple fiber cables and customer-installed optical equipment. You’ll find networking and fiber distribution from your vault or wiring closet to the terminal equipment of every wireline user in a facility with these units installed, saving you time and money on installation while cutting down on costly remodels at a later date due to obsolescence.

Our 12 port Cat6, Cat5e patch panel is a compact and efficient way to give your network the clean and professional look of punch-down termination while saving on valuable rack space. With 110 termination points, a color-coded wiring diagram on the back, white blanks for labeling and identification, and available in vertical or horizontal configurations this piece of networking gear will become one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Give your network a fresh look with these sleek patch panels. With color-coded wiring diagrams on the back, you’ll be able to hook up your devices in no time. The compact vertical mount design saves valuable space in tight spaces.

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