The best way to keep your cables tidy is to take the mess right out of view. Our 12 slot server rack cable management, which can easily be cut down to six or nine slots if you need less space, includes a plastic panel that maintains the professional look of your racks while keeping wires hidden. (You know what they say- “A sloppy environment has never made anyone more productive.”). Don’t stop there; prevent problems with subpar quality cabling by opting for this durable and lightweight solution instead.

Keep your server room clean and clutter-free with our 12 slot rack mount brackets. Our cable management system is perfect for small to medium size server racks, comes with a strong plastic cover to protect the brackets from collecting grime while hiding cables behind them.

The lightweight feel of our solution makes installation quick without requiring much force or making noise during use. This sweet little guy also features premium craftsmanship so you know it will last no matter how often you remove servers to move around in your room!

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