It’s a day full of coffee, conversation with team members, and boosting the office Wi-Fi network. You’re at your desk and you switch on your monitor only to find it getting fuzzy as the power wanes. Luckily, one Pyle-Pro PDBC50 15 Amp Power Supply 1800VA Rack Mount PDU Power Strip Surge Protector with 9 Outlets has an outlet right by your computer chair – just grab the cord from our surge protector and plug it into an open outlet.

Protect your electronics with Rack Mount PDU Power Strip Surge Protector! These products feature nine outlets, with multiple protection safeguards and an inline 15 amp circuit breaker. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty 6-foot cord that detaches for greater convenience. The use of reliable circuitry provides continuous power to all connected devices even following an outage or power surge. Buy this amazing product today for peace of mind!

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