What’s the scariest thing about being a parent? Is it daycare gone awry? How about loving your child all the time, but never knowing what his little life is like when he’s not home with you? The moment they wake up in the morning feeling safe and cherished from last night, or when parents that are away can keep an eye on their sleeping baby. So you need a baby monitor.

You’re smart enough to do everything–but we know how important it is for you to be close to your little one too. Our high-quality monitors have set a new standard in both ease of use and peace of mind for busy parents with the following top features: video, audio, wifi connectivity, room temperature monitoring, Pan, tilt, and zoom, long-range

Baby monitors do more than simply relay muted screams from one room to the next; with extremely advanced and sophisticated microphones and speakers, every coo is as audible as if your child were nuzzled in your arms. Some versions include video capabilities and movement sensors that notify you to your baby’s wiggling and squiggling and allow you to monitor their activities from any room in the house. Those with WiFi connection for remote monitoring allow even long-distance mothers to keep a close eye on their children while they are away.

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