CCTV cables for security cameras are ideal for use in homes, offices, retail outlets, and factories. They provide a vital extension for use in cases where fixed cabling is not possible or desirable. They are suitable for CCTV cables with BNC and coaxial connections.

The choice of cable type depends on the transmission distance and camera power requirements as well as your application, including harsh industrial environments. You can find all kinds of extension cables on our website.

These extension kits are perfect for those who want to keep their house more secure. We all know the plug-on cameras can get a bit tangled and be difficult to hide, so now you have the ability to spread that camera from 100 ft away! Our extension cables are designed with high-quality components and come in different lengths for easy install. They’re tested and certified by our technicians to ensure they work with any security system up to 5 megapixels resolution.

With these extensions, it might not even seem like you’ve got a camera there at home since it’s so far away- or you could be sneaky about surveillance by hiding the footage as best you can while maintaining full coverage of your yard or driveway.

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