We all know that sometimes your devices just don’t have a 3.5mm audio cable, or you’re in the back of a car and can’t reach the aux cord to plug your phone in for music. Not anymore! With this 12ft long male-to-male aux cable order now from techvisionelectronics, you’ll never again be without your device’s favorite tunes.

Plug it right into whatever you need: desktop speakers, headphones, sound docks – anything with an auxiliary port is ready for some sweet tunes alongside our extension chord! No matter which way you twist it our 3ft/1M Duo Stereo Extension Audio Cable will always be by your side and ready to go to the afterparty while also being compatible with any

Buy one of these 3.5 mm audio cables and your stereo will feel like it just jumped off the pages of a monster truck magazine!

Connect with our new male-to-male 3.5mm aux cable to connect two stereos together in perfect harmony from twelve feet away! All orders are processed within 24 hours, so it won’t be long before you’re feeling that bass again and enjoying some tunes on this fantastic three inches.

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