Combine the power of technology with music and you have our Bluetooth audio receivers. Never miss a beat again by finally streaming your favorite tune through the built-in stereo amplifier receiver. Designed to be extremely compact and portable, this sleek amp system is perfect for any take-home DJ performance.

Connect with up to 6 Bluetooth devices simultaneously via wireless compatibility or hook in all speaker cables that are included with purchase, whichever way you want to play them! Watching your favorite TV show? Throw on a mic page/mixing control switch to make sure everyone can hear what’s happening on all channels without interference.

We’ve got the sound system you need. Whether it’s for an office meeting, a party, or just a really bad day – Techvision Electronics has your back. Equipped with WiFi and dual microphones, these audio receivers are perfect for all of your needs; at home, on the go, in the car. The app can be downloaded free from any device to make sure you never miss another caller or music opportunity!

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