The Protech Heavy Duty Flat (Non-Tilting) Slim TV Wall Mounts for 23-80 Inch TVs boosts your TV to a perfect viewing angle. Ready to install? Simply mount it on 2 wall studs and use the included mounting screws and this mount features an attractive black finish, easy installation with included mounting hardware, Level Bubble Meter showing if your TV is level. It’s as sturdy as they come so don’t worry about it moving or falling off of those two measly inch wide screws you mocked up on the wall at random–won’t be an issue with the Protech Heavy Duty Flat (Non-Tilting) Wall Mount for 23-80 Inch TVs!

Enhance your TV’s viewing experience by installing the Protech Heavy Duty Flat Wall Mount. This wall mount supports TVs that are 23 to 80 inches weighing up to 180 pounds and is able to tilt for better viewing angles. One-time assembly will take you 10 minutes with everything you need to be included in the pack – screws, anchors, level bubble meter, instructions manual. Your purchase includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

the Protech Heavy Duty Flat (Non-Tilting) Wall Mount is the perfect solution for mounting your flat panels to the wall. It uses an automatically click-in spring lock with an easy release cord, which makes installation easy and secure. Due to its simple construction, it features a built-in bubble level which enables efficient installation.

No muss, no fuss! And unlike most mounts where you get only one level for checking for tilting or unevenness – ours lets you get two levels so if your customers didn’t level their TV out right before we showed up we’ll be able to tell just by looking at their walls and tweaking things accordingly!

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