Wireless HDMI KVM Extender 200M HDMI Transmitter and Receiver up to 200M

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HDM/KVM Wireless extender 50M

This HDMI/KVM Wireless extender uses 2.4G and 5G technology to enable high-speed, high performance wireless communication among consumer electronics, computer and mobile devices.
It combines high bandwidth capacity with strong error-correction , to deliver uncompressed HD video.
It can go through the wall, and transmit the signal up to 200m in the open area.

Support HDCP1.3
Support standard IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
Support resolution up to 1920×1080/60Hz
Support the highest rate 1.485G and TMDS clock up to 148.5Mhz
Support IR control
Support KVM function

Work in 2.4G/5G frequency band, it is not easy to be interfered by wireless signals
The max transmitting distance can be 200m (In the open area)
5V/2A power adapter

Connection and Operation:

1. Connect the HD source to the input of the wireless extender TX with 1 HDMI cable
2. Connect the output of the wireless extender TX to the display device with 1 HDMI cable
3: Connect the output of the wireless extender RX to the display device with 1 HDMI cable
4: Connect 5V/2A power adapter to the TX and RX.

After connecting well, there are two methods to send the control signal from the RX back to the TX.


Method 1: IR control function. 1) Connect the IR receiver to the “IR-RX” port on the wireless extender receiver; 2) Connect the IR transmitter to the “IR-TX” port on the wireless extender transmitter; 3) Put the IR transmitter port near to the HD source IR receiving hole. The method is usually used in DVDs.

Method 2: KVM function. 1) Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on wireless extender RX; 2) Use a double male USB cable, one male USB port connects with the USB on the wireless extender TX, the other male USB port connects with the USB on the signal source. The method is usually used in computers.

The Pair code matching :
Wireless extender transmitter and receiver have been matched in the factory. If the users need to match again( for example, the matched transmitter/receiver needs to match with another receiver/transmitter), Please follow the steps:
1) Sender and receiver connect to the power supply,
2) Use HDMI cable connect HDMI input of sender with the HDMI output of receiver, until the HDMI LED indicator flashing.
3) When the HDMI LED indicator of sender and receiver from slow flash turn to light up, means that it matches up successfully.

1.When the “Power” indicator lights up, it means the power is on.
2.When the “Wireless” indicator lights long, it means the extender is running well. And the “Wireless” indicator on the transmitter flashes quickly means wireless signal is received and transmitted well.

Package include
1.Wireless extender TX and RX
2.IR transmitter and receiver cable
3.Power adapter
4.User manual

SKU: 200 M KVM WIRELESS Category:
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

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