how to remove tv from full motion wall mount

How to remove tv from full motion wall mount?

There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to take your television from its wall mount. Maybe you’re upgrading your home entertainment system and need to remove your flatscreen TV while the work is being done. Perhaps you’ve just bought a larger television or want to relocate your television. Whatever your reason for dismounting your TV, here’s how to do it without breaking a sweat or the TV.

Prepare the following items before dismounting your television:

  • Your TV mounting guidelines
  • A friend who can help you
  • A screwdriver is required.
  • A soft surface like a blanket on the floor where you may put the TV after it’s been removed from the wall mount

How to remove the tv from the full motion wall mount?

Take the actions outlined below:

Step #1: Disconnect everything from the TV:

Unplug all of the cables and cords that are attached to your television. After you’ve disconnected your TV, make sure all of your accessories, such as your video game console and movie player, are put away. You don’t want them to get in your way.

Make sure the power wires are disconnected from the wall socket.

Step 2: Remove the safety locks:

Most TV mounts are not equipped with locks. If yours does, though, work on it. It may also be any kind of locking mechanism.

If the lock is a screw-type lock, remove the locks at the bottom of the TV using a long screwdriver (at least 12 inches). You can see it with a flashlight. You may simply remove the bottom TV away from the wall after you’ve done so. As a result, you’ll be able to complete the remaining steps.

Two strings are connected to a latch to make a pull string lock. All you have to do is locate the strings at the bottom of the television and pull them firmly. The bottom portion of the TV will no longer be connected to the wall and will produce a clicking sound.

You may reach the bar lock from the sides if it’s a horizontal locking bar. A lengthy bar typically runs from the left to the right side of the television. It can only be taken out from one side, so test it out to make sure. After that, take it out.

Your owner’s handbook, on the other hand, maybe useful if your TV comes with a new or unusual kind of lock. You’ll be able to simply tilt your TV forward after you’ve removed the lock.

Step #3: Remove the TV from the wall:

Now that your TV is no longer attached to the wall, it’s time to remove it. It’s great if you can get some assistance with the lifting. Request that the other person holds one side of the television while you hold the other. The TV should next be gently lifted over the mount. Set the TV down on a soft surface when you have time to prevent scratching the screen (lay it face down).

Step #4: Remove the mount bracket:

Now that your TV is securely off the wall, you can see the mount bracket on the back of it. The bracket is typically attached to your TV with four screws. Remove the bracket by unscrewing them.

Step #5: Remove the wall mount:

To remove the wall mount, use a screwdriver to detach it from the wall. Make sure you don’t harm the wall in the process. If the wall becomes damaged, you may need to repair the gaps and repaint it. You may opt to remount a new wall mount after removing the old one.

Wall Mounting Styles

There are many types of wall mounts. Let’s take a look at each one separately:

Low profile wall mount: This wall mount is also known as a fixed TV wall mount. It’s very durable, simple to install, and inexpensive when compared to other options. It also flattens your TV against the wall. As a result, it’s ideal if you sit directly in front of your television. However, it would be beneficial if you also placed it at eye level.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to adjust your TV after it’s mounted on a permanent wall mount. To alter its location, you’ll have to fully remove it from the wall. Tilting wall mount: It’s pricier than a fixed wall mount but less costly than a complete mount. It’s also simple to set up. It is not attached to the wall, unlike the permanent mount, and you may move your TV up and down.

A pivot in the center of the bracket allows the tilting mount to move vertically. It allows you to see well even if you’re sitting too high or laying down. As a result, you may hang it on a high wall in your bedroom or over the fireplace. It does, however, have restricted adjustment angles since it cannot be tilted horizontally.

Full motion wall mount: This is a very costly wall mount. It’s also difficult to set up, and you may need further assistance. You may choose to hire an expert to assist you with this. The greatest thing is that you can move it in whatever direction or angle you choose.

An adjustable arm that links the panel to the wall allows the wall mount to move in any direction. It also provides simple access to cable. If your accommodation has several viewing areas, this is a fantastic option. You may also opt to make it smaller so that it seems to be flat on the wall.

What to Look For When Buying A TV Wall Mount

There are many TV wall mount options available. As a result, you must use caution while making a decision. Follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Consider your TV’s specifications: Before you choose a wall mount, think about your TV’s specifications. Wall mounts come in a variety of styles and sizes. The size of your television will aid you in selecting the appropriate wall mount. To be sure, verify the wall mount’s size and weight capacity.
  • Make sure the one you select is compatible with your television. You don’t want the TV to collapse because you didn’t choose the correct one. Compare the TV’s weight (as listed in the user’s handbook) to the weight capacity of the wall mount.
  • Choose the amount of motion: Different kinds of wall mounts have different amounts of motion. You should decide if you want your TV to be fixed to the wall or movable. Select the degree of movement as well.
  • Furthermore, it is possible that it is not just dependent on personal taste. Another reason to go with motion is that it fits your lifestyle and viewing posture.
  • If you have small children or pets, you may want to set your TV to a higher viewing level. Then you should think about tilting or full-motion wall mounts.
  • Consider the cost: When choosing a wall mount, you should think about the cost. The ones that are more expensive have more mobility choices. However, if you don’t mind your TV is set in one direction, an inexpensive wall mount is an option.

However, if your TV is costly, it’s ideal if you pick a high-quality wall mount. You don’t want to purchase low-cost materials, but you also don’t want to spend too much. Now you can relax and enjoy your television!


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