how to mount tv on stone fireplace

How to Install a TV on a Stone Fireplace

The main goal of this post is to inform and educate us on how to mount a TV on a stone fireplace, how to mount a TV on a stone fireplace wall, how to mount a TV on a fireplace brick wall, how to mount a TV over a fireplace, and other important sub-topics covered in the articles.

How to mount a TV on a Stone Fireplace?

Because a fireplace is often used as a focal point in design plans. Even if the area is built of stone, homeowners may opt to hang a flat-screen TV over the fireplace if they correctly attach the screws with cement anchors and verify that these anchors are fully secure before hanging up the television. If the anchors are not secured, they will loosen with time, causing the television to tumble off the wall.

What you’ll Need to Mount a TV on a Stone Fireplace

  • Kit for hanging on the wall
  • Drill bit for masonry
  • Kit for anchor cement
  • Hammer
  • Masonry made with epoxy

Mark the holes where the anchors will go by holding the mounting bracket up to the stone.

Make a mock-up of the hole where your anchors will go. Make use of a masonry bit. The drill bit should be the same masonry size as the anchor cement package you have. The importance of a proper fit cannot be overstated.

To install the anchors, hammer them into the piloted holes and fix them with epoxy masonry. Allow the epoxy to cure completely.

Fix the mounting portion with the appropriate screws and an attachment wrench. Remove the portion from the TV by removing the screws that hold it in place.

Participate in the TV segment. Attach the jolts to the TV’s metal edge. The mount will attach to the stone the mount part you previously connected.

Allow a buddy or two to assist you in lifting the TV to the mounting bracket. The mount will be cut out or inserted into the wall mounting bracket.

Warnings and Suggestions

Before hanging a plasma TV in front of a fireplace, advises making sure the temperature isn’t over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Build a fire and “let it roar for a while” after glueing a thermometer to the planned position of the television. Choose a new place if the temperature rises over 90 degrees.

How to Install a Flat-Screen TV Over a Stone Fireplace Wall

TVs are great since they can be hung on the wall. They don’t need to sit on anything or take up much area in your room. Adding a flat-screen TV to a room with a fireplace may make an already comfortable space even cosier. Because rock walls are strong and can hold the weight of a flat-screen TV, they are excellent locations to install one.

Purchase a TV mount that is capable of supporting the weight of your flat-screen television. Make sure your television’s measurements will fit inside the mountain.

Measure your TV and then draw a line on the wall where you want to be. You may use chalk to create a guide on the wall. You’ll be able to centre the TV and position it correctly over the fireplace this way.

Place the mountain in front of the square on the rock where you wish to hang the TV. Mark the locations on the rock where the bracket will be secured with screws. Using a carpenter’s level, make sure your markings are level.

Drill 1-inch holes in the stone where you indicated the spots. Use a drill with a sharp diamond drill bit that’s the right size for the screws that came with the wall bracket.

Using an electric screwdriver, secure the bracket to the rock wall by putting the screws into the holes. Ensure that the screws are snug enough to prevent the mount from moving.

Check to see whether the assembly is straightforward. Make sure the mount is level and flat by using a level.

Place the television on top of the stand. Every frame is unique. While positioning the TV on the mount, follow the instructions that came with it.

Warnings and Suggestions

Don’t place the TV so high on the rock that it hurts your neck to gaze up at it while watching TV.

Before placing the television above the fireplace, be sure that the heat from the fireplace will not damage it.

How to Mount a TV on a Brick Wall Next to a Fireplace

Don’t be afraid to mount a flat-screen TV on a brick wall; despite the delicate nature of your TV, it’s a job that just seems tough. From a design perspective, a television mounted on a brick wall has a lot of wow value. When compared to too many conventional drywall stud mounted wall brackets, it still outperforms them in terms of both support and aesthetic appeal. You can watch television and a crackling fire at the same time if you mount your flat-screen television to your brick wall fireplace.


Select a location for the wall-to-brick wall mount mounting plate and hold it in place. Take note of where the mounting holes on the mounting plate are. Make a pencil mark on the brick where the mounting holes will be for future reference. Because brick is stronger than mortar, drilling into a corner of the brick may cause breaking, the optimum position will have the mounting holes centred on the brick.

Drill the mounting holes you drew with a pencil using a masonry tie. Remove any dust and debris from the holes by blowing them out. Insert the dowels into the mounting holes after applying adhesive on the outside of them.

Line up the mounting plate’s holes with the holes in the wall plugs. Insert the screws through the mounting holes and into the wall anchors to attach the plate to the wall.

Line up the VESA standard compliant screw holes on the back of the TV with the VESA holes in the mounting plate. Screw the screws into the VESA holes on the VESA mounting plate and the VESA holes on the TV. Because one person cannot accomplish both, you will need a buddy to either hold the TV or screw in the VESA screws. Warnings and Suggestions

Before installing your flat screen on a brick fireplace wall, do a heat test to ensure that it will not be damaged by the heat. “Tape a thermometer to the wall above the fireplace, then start a fire and let it roar,” one piece of advise recommends. You’re probably OK if the fireplace doesn’t reach hotter than 90 degrees or accumulate soot.

How to Mount a Flat-Screen TV Over a Fireplace

Flat-screen TVs have grown very popular in recent years. Many people have these, and hanging them on the wall is a wonderful way to conserve room. Above the fireplace is a great location to hang your game. Although putting the game together may be difficult, if you have the time and can locate someone to assist you, you should be able to finish it in one afternoon.

Make sure you have adequate space to hang your flat-screen TV above your fireplace by measuring it and the wall space above it.

If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on or start a wood-burning fireplace. Glue a thermometer to the wall immediately above the fireplace, where the television will be mounted. Start your fireplace and let it running for several hours. Make sure you’re aware of the temperature reading on the thermometer. For the safety of your flat-screen TV, the temperature should be below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The increased temperature may decrease the assembly’s lifespan.

Purchase a wall mount. To figure out what size you’ll need, see the owner’s handbook for your game. Look for the Video Electronics Standards Association number, which indicates the distance between the mounting holes on your game. Choose a bracket that matches your VESA number. The quantity you buy should also be appropriate for your device’s size and weight.

Above your fireplace, look for the wall nails. Place the stud finder on the wall and move it around until it finds a stud. Mark each post with an X.

Now you must follow the mounting bracket’s instructions. There should be two sections to the essay. Attach the television component to the assembly’s rear. Your device’s attachment holes on the rear should be visible and simple to find.

Fix the second portion of the bracket to the wall according to the instructions. Line align the studs with the holes. In most instances, the bracket will be attached to two studs, although instructions may specify that one stud would suffice. Make sure the bracket is level by using the carpenter’s level. Mark the hole locations on the wall so you know where to drill. Screw the screws into the wall using the drill. Ascertain that the media is completely secure and unable to travel in any direction.

Look for someone to assist you in lifting the television. Adjust the divider section to match the TV section. Using a screwdriver, secure the brackets with the supplied screws.

Warnings and Suggestions

  • Before you mount the flat-screen TV to the wall, plan where you’ll route the cords from the cables.
  • You’ll need a specific bracket and screws if the wall is made of stone or brick.
  • If at all feasible, connect an angle iron to the wall stud in the precise middle.

How to Install a Flat-Screen Television Above a Fireplace

Because of the rough surface of the bricks, attaching a TV to a fireplace is more difficult than mounting a TV to a wall. You’ll save time and money if you take the effort to make sure your TV is firmly connected to the top of your fireplace. If you install your flat panel TV incorrectly, it may tumble out of place, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. You’ll be able to utilise your television for both viewing shows and as a decorative focal point above your fireplace after it’s correctly placed above the hearth.

Instructions: Place the wall mount’s mounting plate on top of the fireplace and align the mounting holes with the brick centres rather than the mortar’s edge. The most dependable location to hold the weight of the TV is in the middle of the brick. With a pencil, trace the apertures.

Remove the mounting plate from the wall and use a masonry drill to drill the holes. Remove any debris from the hole and the surrounding area using a blowtorch.

Insert the anchors into the holes after applying industrial glue to them. Place the mounting plate on the divider so that the mounting holes align with the dowels. Use a wrench to tighten the lag bolts that came with the wall bracket through the holes in the mounting plate for the dowels.

VESA screws should be inserted through the mounting brackets into the TV’s VESA holes. Using a Phillips screwdriver, fix the problem.

Lift the television and place it on the wall-mounted mounting plate. Raise the TV high enough to insert the brackets into the mounting plate’s connections. Insert a screw through both the side screw holes on the brackets and the screw holes on the connections. With a wrench, tighten a bolt at the screw’s end.

Warnings and Suggestions

Before you begin the installation procedure, build a roaring fire in the fireplace and put a thermometer against the brick to verify that the heat will not harm your TV. The fireplace is too hot to install your TV if the temperature is over 90 degrees.

How to Cable-Mount a TV on a Fireplace

Paintings and photographs are wired to the walls all over the globe; why not a flat-screen TV? It is feasible to hang wire above a fireplace or anyplace else, but it must be done properly or you may end up with a valuable object falling to the floor. All common bolt mounting designs for flat screens are built to European VESA standards. M8 25mm bolts with medium threads are used in the large, which are placed around 15 inches apart. Because the supplied foot is still connected to the rear screw set, tiny ones come with small bolts. All of them have metal frames on the inside.

How To Put A Tv On A Stone Fireplace That Is Uneven

Insert the top two bolts on the four decorative bolts on the television. Allow 1/2 inch to protrude. Lay wires through the bolts and use wire cutters to cut 3-inch beyond the bolts on both sides.

Loop cable around a bolt, pull it back through the rope clips, then tighten the nuts on the clips using a socket wrench. Repeat the process around the bolt on the other side, stretching the cable tight.

Return the bolts to their sockets, inserting them through the fender washers, the rope loops, and tightening them firmly.

Subtract two inches from either side of the space between the top bolts on the television. The distance between the ceiling and the fireplace mantel should be measured and recorded.

Make a tiny mark on the wall at the height between the bottom of the TV and the fireplace. Now measure from the bottom of the TV to one inch above the top bolts where the string is connected, starting at this point. Use the level instrument to mark two screw hole locations on the wall at this height that match to the measurement in the first phrase of this step.

Now, drill the pilot bolt hole 1/8 inch between the wall studs and wall studs. Cut the hanger to a length of 8 inches. Fold evenly into a L shape. Bend one end an inch in one direction and the other end an inch in the other way. Place a lengthy leg into each hole and feel about for obvious obstructions. With the cat bit, drill 1/2 inch bolt holes. It is not required to drill a pilot hole when drilling through the brickwork. Simply score level points and lag screws with the masonry bit.

Each bolt should be inserted into a fender washer, then topped with a button, and then another fender washer. Screw the 1/4 inch rocker fender onto the screw tip using toggle bolts, then slide it through the hole in the wall and secure it in position. Nylon anchor sleeves are inserted into the holes in brickwork, then lag bolts are screwed in.

Look for someone to assist you in lifting the television. The button will stop if the cable is slid over the fender washers. Slowly lower it till it comes to a halt. Set the television to a comfortable viewing angle.

Warnings and Suggestions

  • Knocking on the wall will reveal wall studs. There is a stud behind the wall where it sounds less hollow.
  • The plastic tube with adhesive backing may be used to conceal signal wires.
  • To work on a big TV, lean it against the soft surface of a couch or put it face down on a comfortable bed.

How to Connect a Television to a Fireplace

In the past, there was a battle for attention in a living room. Is the television or the fireplace the room’s main point? When it comes to selecting a fireplace TV installation, you can now have the best of all worlds. Installing a TV over a fireplace allows the two objects to take center stage in the space. The most difficult aspect of installing a home television is determining where and how the wiring should be routed. The surface mount lines, on the other hand, make it simple for anybody to connect a television to a fireplace.

What Is The Best Way To Put A Tv On A Brick Fireplace

After you’ve installed your TV mount base, but before you mount your TV to the wall above the fireplace, connect the wire to your flat-screen TV. Many of the inputs on a flat-screen TV are hidden underneath and behind it. If the TV is already mounted on the wall, these inputs are tough to reach. Help sure the television is off the wall when you’re ready to run the television cables to make the process go faster.

Locate the TV inputs for each of your TV components and connect them into the proper place on your television.

Determine the path your wires will go from your TV to its various components. Cables may go from your TV to your fireplace mantel, then up the chimney and down to the TV component cabinet, for example.

Cut channels to size on the surface so you can conceal your wires as they travel from your TV to your TV components. Long tubes that attach to your wall and travel from your TV to your components are known as surface mount channels.

You may keep your cables concealed by inserting them into your surface mount chains. To cut surface-mounted channels, you just need a pair of regular scissors.

To further hide the wires, paint your surface-mounted channels the same colour as your wall. Many surface assembly lines enable you to paint whatever colour you choose, while others come in pre-determined hues (such as silver) that you may use as accents.

Remove the waxed paperback from the channel’s mounting surface and attach it to each component in place.

Connect the other end of your TV’s component wires to the surface mount channel, then to your component cabinet. Connect the wires in the proper order.

How to Hide Television Wires in a Fireplace

Televisions have grown in popularity as a means of watching television. A plasma TV’s modern, sleek design is a beautiful addition to any house. Some plasma television owners have bought wall mounts to put their sets on the walls of their homes. Some people even hang them above the fireplace, which poses a problem: how to hide the cables.


Hang your TV according to the instructions on the wall bracket. You may require various tools and specific hanging equipment depending on the kind of wall you’re hanging on. It’s possible that consulting a professional for installation advice is the best option.

Create a shallow trench by removing a limited number of joints between bricks using a masonry bit. Run your cables down the edge of the fireplace via the trench you made between the bricks.

Place the cables in the newly excavated trench, ensuring that the trench is deep enough for the wires to run parallel to the brick face. Putty the wires together. To make the concealing of the wires less apparent, choose a caulk colour that matches the rest of the grout on the wall. Any hardware shop will have caulk in a range of colours.

Drill two parallel holes at the end of the trench between the bricks to put the wires through, and one much closer to the ground, in the rock fence wall that borders the chimney.

The wires must extend from this second hole in order to be inserted into other locations. Make sure the holes are big enough to fit any cables you want to hide.

Run the wires through the top hole and down to the bottom hole with a little weight on them. The weight makes the wires fall straight down, making it easy to feed them through the bottom hole.

If the wire holes are excessively big or ugly, use a patch hole kit to repair them. These patch kits allow you to conceal the wires’ holes with a material that matches the wall.


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