How High To Mount 65 Tv On Wall To Have The Best Viewing Experience

What’s the Best Height for a 65-Inch TV?

The center of your TV should be at eye level, which is typically about 42 inches high, for the optimum viewing experience. That implies a 65-inch TV should be placed about 25 inches from the floor to the bottom of the screen.

Keep in mind that a television’s size is measured from corner to corner. A 65-inch television is typically 32 inches tall. To be sure, use a tape measure to measure the height of your television.

How High To Mount 65 Tv On Wall?

Take the height of your TV (32 inches) and divide it by two to determine how high you should install it (which equals 17 inches). Subtract that from the height of your eye level while you’re seated, which is usually 42 inches. As a result, a 65-inch TV mount should be placed about 25 inches above the floor (to the bottom of the TV). The top of your TV would be approximately 59 inches above the floor in this instance. You may also use a tape measure to determine how high your eye level is while sitting on your sofa if you are taller or shorter than normal. Then, instead of 42 inches, use that measurement to determine how high you should install your TV.

Installing A Television

You may raise your TV if there is already a TV stand or other furniture in the way. However, if you put your TV too high, you’ll have to tilt your head back. It is suggested that your eye level does not dip below the bottom third of your screen to prevent straining your neck. That implies a 65-inch TV should never be mounted higher than 32 inches from the floor to the bottom of the screen.

You may also tilt your TV down with a full-motion TV mount, which can assist relieve neck strain and decrease glare. Take our quick quiz to see which articulating mount is best for you if you’re looking for a new TV mount.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to mount your TV on the wall after you’ve determined how high to put it.

Mounting a Flat Screen

Choosing the right height for your flat screen installation is more difficult than you may imagine.

To determine the best mounting height, you’ll need to know a few things about the TV, such as its size, viewing distance, eye-level height, and viewing angle.

TV Dimensions

This reflects the TV’s viewing area and is self-explanatory.

Do you have a 32-inch television? A 42” screen? 55”? Knowing how big your TV is can assist you figure out how to attach it. When mounting the TV, keep in mind that you’re measuring from the floor to the middle of the TV, not from the bottom or top. Also, keep in mind that the diagonal viewing area is proportional to the size of your television. As a result, you’ll need to use a tape measure to determine how much up and above the screen’s precise center is.

Distance from the camera

The optimum viewing distance is determined by the size of the television and is the distance between you and the screen at which you should sit while watching. This is calculated by dividing the size of your TV by 0.55. To give you an idea, the optimum viewing distance for a 42-inch television is 76 inches. You should be 100” away from a 55”.

65” TVs should be seen from a distance of 118”, while 70” TVs should be viewed from a distance of 127”.

Eye Level and Viewing Angle from the Floor

Not standing, but seated where you’ll be viewing TV, your eye level is determined.

To figure out how high you’ll be sitting, measure the distance from the floor to your eyes. According to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the TV should be placed such that the viewing angle is no more than 30 degrees. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, sit with their backs between 10 and 15 degrees reclined.

A 42-inch television should be placed approximately 56 inches from the floor to the TV center, a 55-inch television should be about 61 inches, a 65-inch television should be around 65 inches from the floor to the center, and a 70-inch television should be around 67 inches from the floor to the center.


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