How Far Will My Tv Turn On A Full Motion Wall Mount

How Far Will My Tv Turn On A Full Motion Wall Mount?

Do you want to hang your television on the wall? Are you searching for a TV mount but aren’t sure which one is best for your needs? Wall mounts for televisions come in a variety of forms and sizes. You may place your TV flat against the wall as if it were a picture using a flat or permanent TV mount. The tilting TV mount is another alternative. You can place your TV flat against the wall as well as tilt it with this wall mount.

Choose a full-motion TV mount if you want greater flexibility of movement. You can watch TV from wherever in your living room with this adjustable mount. There are also complete motion wall mounts that you can operate with an app or remote control from afar.

How Far Will My Tv Turn On A Full Motion Wall Mount?

Do you want to be able to see your TV from any point in the room? Do you want the living room TV to face you at the dining table? Want to watch your favorite TV show from the comfort of your own kitchen? Or would you like to put your TV in a room corner or a recess/cabinet? Then have a look at our selection of tilting (TURN) and full-motion or extendable TV wall mounts. Because of their extended arm, these mounts provide you a lot of options (s). Especially with the high and supple hinges, you can effortlessly spin and attach the TV.


  • The maximum rotating angle (180 degrees) up to completely perpendicular to the wall ensures that you always have an excellent view of your TV.
  • The long, extensible arms, which can reach up to 63 cm from the wall, provide more versatility.
  • Mount your TV against the wall as flat as possible.
  • Even after assembly, it’s simple to mount your TV entirely straight. Tilt it up to 20 degrees to avoid reflections, for example.
  • Through the arm, run your wires from the TV to the wall.

Want to change the channel on your TV without getting up?

Our recommendation is to invest in a motorized full motion TV mount. Want to change the channel on your TV from the comfort of your couch? Want to flip your thin TV but don’t want to do it by hand?

Then have a look at our most creative and high-end items, the automated motion motorized TV mounts. Simply switch on your television, and this full-motion motorized TV mount will automatically move towards you. Up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may use the app to turn your TV left, right, forward, or backward. Alternatively, you may choose one of the pre-programmed viewing locations. In a nutshell, the most creative TV mount with the most comfortable viewing experience.


  • Turns the screen on and off with the TV (up to 120 degrees)
  • Control your TV via app or remote
  • Create up to 10 preset places (via app)
  • The most creative TV mount, made of premium materials

Would you want to raise the height of your television? With a tilting TV mount, this isn’t an issue.

Tilting your TV may sometimes enhance your viewing experience. People often put their TV higher on the wall in their bedrooms, for example. This makes watching TV from bed much more convenient. Alternatively, would you want to mount the television out of reach of children? You may tilt your screen forward a few degrees using a tilting (TILT) TV mount. This improves your viewing angle, reducing irritating screen glare and reflections on your screen.

View the benefits of the tilting TV mounts:

  • To avoid reflections, tilt the camera up to 15 degrees.
  • Your TV mount is almost invisible.
  • Vogel’s THIN TV wall mounts are just 2 cm from the wall.
  • Mounting on hollow walls is a breeze.

Do you typically sit in front of the television? Mount your TV flat on the wall!

Do you want your TV to be flush against the wall? You may place your TV flat against the wall with the flat TV mount (FLAT). Your television will seem to be a painting on the wall if there is just a tiny space between it and the wall. The viewing angle of the permanent TV mounting cannot be changed. Take a look at our full-motion TV wall mounts if you want this option.

The servicing position on the flat THIN mounts enables you to quickly reach the wires at the back of your TV. This makes connecting the wires to your equipment much easier. Do you want your TV mount to be hidden? Then have a look at the THIN TV mounts that are fixed. Your TV is just 1.5 cm from the wall with these brackets!


  • Your television is similar to a picture on the wall.
  • Your TV mount is hidden from view.
  • Vogel’s THIN TV mount is just 1.5 cm from the wall.
  • The service position of the THIN TV mount makes it simple to access wires.
  • Mounting on hollow walls is a breeze.


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