A frustrating moment you know all-too-well is when you’ve finished a room-cleaning routine and then notice that pesky red light on your universal remote. No worries! Techvision Electronics has an answer for all of your inaccessibility needs with their new Hidden IR Repeater Kit System. It allows you to effortlessly control up to eight audio/video components with just one remote, no matter where they are located -even if they’re behind closed doors or walls!

It also helps you to use an existing infrared (IR) remote control to operate up to eight audio/video (A/V) components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or equipment closet. Because of the patented technology, which automatically transmits your remote functions through a discreet receiver plug anywhere in the house, it offers a seamless and convenient solution for room to room A/V connectivity.

Saving time working around backward- There’s never been anything like it before. From flipping channels on your TV from across the house without getting up off the couch, or running audio and video sources into each room with HDMI cables while hiding messy wires under floorboards-the hidden IR repeater kit system makes those tasks super easy.

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