Hidden IR Repeater System IR Repeater Extender Infrared Remote Control

The Hidden IR Repeater System allows you to use an existing infrared (IR) remote control to operate up to eight audio/video (A/V) components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or equipment closet

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Protech IR 5000 Hidden IR Repeater System IR Repeater Extender Infrared Remote Control

IR Input: 1×3.5mm jack connector, for IR-CV-3 Receiver(3 conductor plug); 1×3.5mm jack connector, for IR-CV-4 receiver (4 conductor plug).

IR Emitter Output: 4×3.5mm jack connector, for IR-EM-3 emitter; 1×3.5mm jack connector, for IR Blaster.

Status Indication: Green LED for system On/Off indication

IR Signal Indication: blue indication LED Power Indication: red indication LED

IR Blaster
Connection: 3.5mm jack plug (mono)
IR LEDs: 1x IR blaster LED
Cable Length: 3 meters
ir Transmitting Range: 3 meters
IR Transmitting Angle: 90° (+45°/-45° from center)
Dimension: 22 x16 x 8mm
IR Receiver(IR-CV-4)
Frequency Range: 25-60KHz
IR Reception Range: ±10 meters
IR Reception Angle: 90º(+45º/-45º from center)
R Receiver Connection: 1×3.5mm jack plug(4 conductor plug)
Cable Length: 1×2meters, extendable up to max 100 meters
Dimension: 25×14×9mm
IR Emitter (IR-EM-1, IR-EM-2, IR-EM-3)
Connection: 3.5m jack plug(mono)
IR LEDs: 2×IR emitter LEDs
Cable Length: 2 meters
Peak Forward Current: 100mA
Forward Voltage Max: 1.5V
Peak Wavelength: 940nm
Emitter Dimension: 22 x16 x 8mm

Package Include
1×Hidden IR Repeater Box
1×IR Receiver
2×IR Emitter
1×IR Blaster
1×Plug-in Power Supply

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in

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